Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Peatonville Mystery Hunt

HUNT: MadPea Productions Present Peatonville Mystery Hunt          
DATES: October 28th - January 6th
Application Deadline: October 14th
ORANIZERS:For more information, please contact Kiana Writer, Tichelle Teebrook or Clicquot Oh.
BLOG: www.madpeagames.com
STARTING LOCATION: Slurl to hunt start: http://slurl.com/secondlife/MadPea/222/196/24
Hello dear vendors,

Thank you for your interest to a very unique hunt!
We'll be once again surprising SL with a fresh new idea.
This hunt is absolute high quality to the detail.. the items, style and execution.
We will be on the Destination Guide & several other media with the hunt, so the traffic is guaranteed!

The basic story behind the hunt:

The hunter learns a story about the notorious Peatonville Asylum, where both the patients and staff lost their mind one after one leading into a horrible massacre. It is all connected to an ancient native indian Soulstone that was broken into pieces and these shards are hidden in your locations.
The Asylum is interactive with puzzles and traps and has clues leading to the vendor stores.
The players need to find the Soulstone shards to restore the the peace.. or shall we say that the ending is a big surprise. ;)

Once the player has completed the game (meaning that they have found all shards)  they receive bonus prizes as well.

Please read this notecard completely before applying, the application is attached.

Peatonville Mystery  Hunt FAQ
1. Why should I participate in the Hunt?

    -  We reach an inworld community of over 3600 Second Life residents
    -  You will become part of great and rewarding interactive fun
    -  You will get instant exposure and traffic
    -  Increased brand awareness
    -  Potential for word of mouth referrals
    -  Increased sales of your products or services
    - All our hunts have been featured on the SL Destination Guide, so the traffic is guaranteed.

2. How does the hunt work?

The hunters purchase the HUD for 100L. The HUD gives out landmarks to each store as well as a hint. There is no set order in which to do this hunt, therefore you don't need to wait for days until it's your turn to get the hunters roaming in.

In this hunt, not only do the hunters get the item placed in the hunt item but they also receive big prizes in the end, after successfully finding all 50 shards.

Unlike usual hunts, the hunt item is scripted so that the hunter has to be right next to it to click, so they truly have to walk around in your location, instead of just camming and clicking.

3. What is the cost?

There is no cost to join this hunt! In fact it's the opposite, if you wish, you can have a vendor in the store to sell the hunt hud and earn 50% of each hud sold!

4. What is the prize, do I need to put a prize?

This part is very important! You MUST create a male AND a female item, or optionally an item that is unisex.  Absolutely NO exceptions. If you are unable to create hunt gifts that are for a Male and a Female or Unisex, then this is not the hunt for you. Too often men are forgotten in most hunts that are out there and we want to change that.
         -  The hunt item must be absolutely high quality. Since hunters have to pay to join this hunt, they also need to receive good prizes. No freebies. Please put some love and care into making your item and think if it's something you would be happy to receive as a hunter. If you make a fantastic item, the words gets around and the hunt keeps getting bigger.

 - We also require a second prize from you to reward those hunters who have completed the whole hunt. This prize can be something you've already created and have on for sale.

 - Two prizes - for the shard and for the end is absolutely mandatory to be able to join this hunt.

5. What do I have to do to get in?

Fill out the application and do it quickly! We only accept 50 stores.
We will be going around and inspect each store who wishes to apply before getting back to you. When you are accepted into the hunt, we will contact you personally.


Without any exceptions we can NOT accept stores that are:
* Only resellers
* Mall Spots
* In an adult region
* Have scripts disabled

6. Please be certain to keep your sign up for the hunt at your store. Remember, the more information that gets out about the hunt the better! It means more participants!

••••• Peatonville Mystery Hunt Application••••
                  October 28th - January 6th
             App Deadline: October 14th
• Store Name(as you wish for it to appear):


•Second Contact: (not mandatory)



•Type of Store (products you sell):

•Can you keep the hunt item in your store during the whole duration of the hunt?

•Are you able to make a male AND female item, or something that is unisex?

•Idea for hunt item(If you have any yet):

•Have you fully understood that 2 prizes are required from you for this hunt?

•Are you interested in having a hunt hud vendor at your store and getting 50% profit of each hud sale made in your store?

•Notes: (Please include any questions you may have, if we need to invite another avatar other than yourself etc)

•Please doublecheck before applying: Is your store adult rated or has scripts disabled? If so, we aren't able to accept you to this hunt.

Thank you for applying!
Please send your applications to Tichelle Teebrook, Clicquot Oh or Kiana Writer.

If you are accepted you will be contacted by MadPea Crew and sent a group invite to a group called The Peatonville Mystery. This group is needed for rezzing your final prize for the hunt.
You will receive the hunt sign at the same time.
Please be certain to keep your sign up for the hunt at your store.
Remember, the more information that gets out about the hunt the better! It means more participants!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


HUNT: The Jerky Turkey Hunt
DATES: November 15th-December 15th
HUNT ORGANIZER: Allie Munro & Serenity Quar
BLOG: http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/
Designer application for TJTH-THE JERKY TURKEY HUNT

Store Name:

Store Owners Name:

Second Contact/someone to get in touch with if you aren't online:

Sim Rating:(PG, Mature, Adult):



Store Blog/ Website(if Any):

Name for group invite:


__I want to be a sponsor!

__I want to blog this hunt-i'll visit the bloggers box and post my blogs in the group for everyone to check out.

Please rename this application TJTH-STORE NAME-YOUR NAME and return it to Allie Munro or Serenity Quar.  We will visit your store and send out vendor packages and group invites to those accepted.  We plan on a fantastic hunt and look forward to your participation! DEADLINE MONDAY OCTOBER 24TH OR 1ST 100 STORES.